The Company


Tom comes from a French circus family and has been brought up learning all kinds of circus disciplines, with a main focus on tumbling. At the age of 18 he decided to study political sciences and sociology, and did a research about the body and its social and cultural construction. After finishing his bachelor degree he went on to travel to Singapore over land. During this time he worked as an acrobat and musician, and opened himself to different cultures and ways of seeing the world. Currently Tom is engaged in the company “Le grand O”.


Gioia is an actress, singer and theatermaker. She grew up in Amsterdam in a family of filmmakers, and studied music and acting throughout her youth. She developed a physical practice engaging in mime, acrobatics, dance and yoga whilst studying Cultural Anthropology in Amsterdam. She enrolled in the international physical theater school of Lassaad in Brussels after finishing her studies in Amsterdam, and graduated in 2015. She now combines her love for anthropology, music and movement in her own work, both teaching and creating.